How to get rid of a double chin?

get rid of double chin
What to do if your heredity is not ideal and you have a little crease just below your chin instead of a long thin neck and expressive face contours? Even a small fat deposit beneath the chin makes your face and neckline appear fat.

You have two ways to handle with it: to accept your face and love as it is or to get rid of double chin. Of course it's not easy but it possible. If you decided to get rid of double chin there are some sure remedies. But first of all we have to know primary causes for double chinnery. They are caloric intake and slack facial muscles.

A healthy and well balanced diet leads to a healthier face. So it's very important to establish good eating habits to get rid of a double chin and face fat. You have to monitor your caloric intake and watch what you eat. You know that eating more vegetables and fruits is more useful than eating junk food. So do this. If you getting rid of double chin, start to chew sugar free gum. This exercise helps to strengthen the muscles in the jaw and reduce face fat.

Chewing food really well also will help you to define a jaw line. Chew your food at least 20 times, or until it's almost of liquid consistency. This rule also prevents you from overeating. If you eat not much food, you don't put on weigh and control the amount of face fat you have.

Get in shape, if your double chin is part of overall weight. You need to burn off more calories than you consume to reduce the amount of fat anywhere on your body. Start doing exercises for the whole body and work on aerobic. Climb stairs instead using lifts, walk every day and try to drive your car less, run or cycle a couple of times a week. Join a fitness club, participate in team sports. All these activities are the answers on the question how to reduce overall fat and how to get rid of a double chin?

Bad posture also can be a reason for a loose skin and fat accumulation that leads to a double chin. Keep your back straight and jaw slightly jutted during the day. An ergonomic chair might help you sit up straight. Having a good posture really makes a double chin less visible.

To improve the posture and strengthen your body you can try to practice some traditional yoga poses. According to the yogic system negative emotions can be stored in some parts of the body. It is considered that repressed anger takes its toll on the jaws. The jaw muscles are connected to the chin and neck muscles. Thus releasing tension in this area will help in getting rid of a double chin.

The second primary cause for double chinnery is slack facial muscles. Exercising the muscles is the most recommended exercise on how to get rid of double chin.

The mentalis and platysma muscles are the main facial muscles to be flexed in order to eliminate double chin. Try to do at least one double chin exercise everyday to firm and tone the chin area.

Here some of them:
  • Stand comfortably. Slowly raise your head from your chest and tilt it back as far as possible. Do not strain. Close your mouth tightly so that your feel the neck muscles stretch. Count to ten and relax, bring your head back to normal. Start by doing this exercise once or twice a day than gradually increase until you are doing ten a day.
  • Stand comfortable with your head at a natural angle. Open your mouth wide and put your tongue out as far as possible. Count to ten and then relax. Does this as many times as you comfortable can, build to ten.
  • Stand comfortable with your head at a natural angle. Bring your lower lip- up as far as possible, count to ten and relax. Repeat ten times.
  • Stand comfortable with your head at a natural angle. Pull your chin upwards so you feel your muscles stretch. Count to ten and relax. Build to ten.

  • Unfortunately not all exercise techniques may work to get rid of double chin problems, and it takes a lot of time.

    You will ask how to get rid of double chin fast?

    Plastic surgery seems to be a good solution. But it is invasive and has a lot of contra-indications. So surgery is right not for everybody.

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